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Tauchritz and the baroque castle complex

The history of the village dates back to the 13th century. An Otto de Tucharaz is recorded in 1317.
The Old Sorbian Tucharaz refers to Tauchritz as the property of a Tuchorad. The historical form of the
village and its fields could indicate that the village already existed before the medieval colonisation of
the 13th century. The "Veste Tucheraz", a predecessor of the later moated castle, was first

mentioned in 1357. The remains of the round tower on the east side of the current building may
have survived from the Veste (castle). In 1322, the village and the manor were owned by Eymuth von
Neueshoven. From 1349 to 1422, it was in the hands of the von Biberstein family, who also ruled
over the fortifications on the Landeskrone. The village is said to have been destroyed by the Hussites
in 1427. It then remained in the possession of the Gersdorf family until 1611. They sold it to the
Kretscham and Kirchlehn Georg von Warndorf. The chronicle tells us that on 5 May 1683 the manor
house, including the farm buildings, church, school building, vicarage and farmhouse burned to the
ground. The widow Maria Sidonia von Warnsdorf, née Gersdorf, had the estate rebuilt in 1686/87. As
it still stands today. (The master builders modelled the moated castle on French examples and can be
compared to the Zwinger in Dresden) The castle is privately owned.
In 1749, a descendant sold the estate to the Protestant, worldly noble Fräuleinstift Joachimstein near
– 1946 School and teachers' flats
– 1954 The northern barn burnt down due to a lightning strike
– 1955 Excavations by the Institute for Monument Preservation in Dresden
– 1970-1980 Used for residential purposes
– 1980 Vacancy
– 2004 ABM measures by the EBIZ support association/work on the castle and barns
– Vacant for 10 years …(there is still no utilisation concept for the castle)
– 2014 Purchase of the farm buildings by the hotelier Roland Marth, who has also been running the
Stadt-Hotel Am Goldenen Strauss, Görlitz, for 10 years
– 2014 /08 Opening of "Gut am See" as the first restaurant on Lake Berzdorf, which has developed
into one of the most popular locations for weddings, events and excursions under the management
of his partner Isolde Iser.
– 2016 Expansion of 2 further barns into a 4-star hotel with 48 rooms, studios and suites.
– 2020 Opening of the Hotel Gut am See

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